“The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.” — JFK

Margot Jordan, photographer

Margot Jordan, photographer

Speaking Engagements

You can schedule me for gatherings to talk about specific or general ideas, perspectives and lessons learned from my work and experiences.

I have presented to dozens of groups and organizations, including corporations, foundations, nonprofits, faith-based congregations and cultural and arts institutions, as well as conferences and creative civic forums such as Pecha Kucha and TEDx.

My speaking style is engaging as I strive to lead audiences to insight while sharing facets of my exploration and discovery of myself, communities and the world. My aim is to ensure that everyone leaves energized, grasping new knowledge and equipped to begin shifting ideas into action.

From leading multimedia and interactive workshops to creating experiences for group reflection and learning to participating in panel discussions, public talks and presentations are some of the ways I connect and share with people and organizations. I also take part in interviews for print, broadcast and digital media and a variety of forums.

To extend an invitation for a keynote address, presentation, workshop or media interview, please email valaida[at]

Topics include, but are not limited to, my experiences and perspectives on:

  • Collaborating across race, ethnicity and culture
  • Collecting stories and developing, publishing and marketing the book Giving Back
  • Reframing portraits of philanthropy for a richer picture of generosity and community
  • Starting a giving circle and participating in collective giving
  • Traveling and exploring the world
  • Using storytelling and the arts to inspire social change
  • Working in the realms of social innovation, philanthropy, community building, education and the arts
  • Writing

Recent speaking engagements and participation in interactive forums:

Schedule of upcoming Giving Back book events can be found here.

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