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Valaida Fullwood (author), Charles W. Thomas Jr. (photographer) and Casajulie (cover and book designer

GIVING BACK: A Tribute to Generations of African American Philanthropists reframes portraits of philanthropy with inspiring photography and stories of generosity. Read an Excerpt 

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  • New-Philanthropists.org — Order one or more copies via New Generation of African American Philanthropists (NGAAP Charlotte), a Charlotte, NC-based giving circle. 

    Every book purchased “keeps giving,” since 100 percent of proceeds go to NGAAP Charlotte and are invested in philanthropic causes—and because the stories themselves inspire readers to give. 

  • Amazon.com — A limited number of books from third-party sellers remains available

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Moves, Minds & Money

In October 2018, my giving circle New Generation of African American Philanthropists hosted “Making Change,” a reception and forum with ABFE President Susan Taylor Batten. The event drew 50 attendees, stirred powerful discussions and seeded ideas about our work ahead.

Watch the event’s highlight film short: Moves, Minds & Money.

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