Books for Back-to-School Reading from Philanthropy 2173

Lucy Bernholz reviews Giving Back on her blog PHILANTHROPY 2173:

“Another resource is Giving Back: A Tribute to Generations of African American Philanthropists by Valaida Fullwood. This beautiful book—that reminds us of the power of photographs and the truly human element of philanthropy—is one result of many years of giving circle work supported by The Ford Foundation, Knight Foundation, Foundation for the Carolinas and dozens of individual and other institutional funders. This is the kind of book I will go back to time and again. The people profiled are as generous in sharing their stories as they are in sharing the time and treasure. Collectively, the stories remind us of the role that mutual support and community play in philanthropy, the importance of faith traditions, and the pure joy that philanthropy can bring. Like Giving 2.o, Giving Back refocuses our attention onto the hundreds of millions of givers who are the real engines of philanthropy.”

Researcher and blogger Lucy Bernholz is a “philanthropy wonk” who analyzes the industry and philanthropic strategy. PHILANTHROPY 2173: The Business of Giving was named a Fast Company magazine “Best Blog” and a Huffington Post “Philanthropy Game Changer.” 

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