‘Stunning example of populist philanthropy’

Photograph from "Giving Bsck" |Charles W. Thomas Jr., photographer

“African American philanthropy is a stunning example of ‘populist philanthropy.’ We as a people have been able to demonstrate how philanthropy is a form of relationship with others that everyone can practice. Children to seniors in our community have a long history of giving selflessly to those we know intimately as well as to total strangers. I am very proud of our cultural history as philanthropists!”

 Jennifer Henderson, a kind contributor of narratives for Giving Back

1 thought on “‘Stunning example of populist philanthropy’

  1. Reblogged this on Collective Influence and commented:

    A reblog post from valaida.com to CIN’s Collective Influence. This image and quote from “Giving Back” sum up why I’m energized by the mission and accomplishments of Community Investment Network. CIN promotes an supports community-led philanthropy, which is a proud part of my cultural heritage.

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