Philanthropy For and By The People

Presenting a richer picture of how generosity builds community by reframing portraits of philanthropy is my passion.

VF at NC Nonprofits ConfOn September 19, I experienced the joy of delivering the keynote message to more than 600 people at the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits Statewide Conference in Concord. To my delight, the audience responded with a standing ovation. Here’s a Storify recap of the event.

VF at NC Nonprofit Conference Sep 2013Titled Philanthropy For and By The People, my talk celebrated the line of sight and the assets that everyday people, deep within communities, can bring to the field of philanthropy. Bringing about change in today’s world requires shifts in perspective and in thinking and approach. While writing Giving Back and engaging diverse audiences, I gained potent lessons from unsung yet generous donors who are democratizing giving and enlivening the soul of philanthropy. There’s value in including a wider slice of society as benefactors of the nonprofit sector.

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