Eckerd | The First Name in Second Chances

Surprising news came at the start of the year upon learning I was named a finalist for the 2014 Eckerd Children’s Hero Of The Year Award — Talent Category. Another surprise came when I arrived at the black-tie awards gala and learned Eric Law, a fellow member of New Generation of African American Philanthropists was a finalist, too. In fact Eric, executive director of Hands On Charlotte, was named the award winner that night. Other winners included Brendan Haywood of the Charlotte Bobcats (Treasure Category) and Kelly and Thomas Davis of the Carolina Panthers (Time Category). I’m thankful to Eckerd for recognizing doers and givers in our community and more importantly for supporting children and families needing second chances.

Below is a link to more information on the important mission and impact of Eckerd.

Eckerd | The First Name in Second Chances.

— VF

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