BGB :: Black Giving Matters Interview with Terri B. Eason of The Cleveland Foundation

Today marks the last day of Community Foundation Week (November 12-18). Since the 12th, has highlighted staff, board members and donors at community foundations that are demonstrating a strong commitment to informing, inspiring, investing in and involving Black philanthropic leadership.

This year’s final #CFWeek post profiled Cleveland-native, Terri Bradford Eason, who is Director of Gift Planning at The Cleveland Foundation—a 101 year-old institution that holds the distinction of being the world’s first community foundation.

I had the pleasure of meeting Terri about four years ago as a part of her work with the Foundation’s African-American Philanthropy Committee (AAPC). AAPC was created in 1993 to promote awareness and education to African Americans about the benefits of wealth and community preservation through philanthropy.

READ MORE: Black Giving Matters: Interview with Terri Bradford Eason of The Cleveland Foundation

Terri EasonServicePicture

Terri Bradford Eason volunteering at Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland, Ohio

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