Cup Overflowing

Generous advance praise continues to pour in for our forthcoming book Giving Back. Duke Energy Foundation President Stick Williams recently provided the following commentary:

“You just never know what will generate the spark that transforms a life, a community or a people. It might be that kind, encouraging word; or maybe ‘a couple of bucks to help you get by;’ how about the time that you spent with me sharing the secrets to your success; or, the scholarship that you gave privately so I could attend summer camp. You just never know what little thing (or great thing) will provide that inspiration for another to soar to higher heights.

Charles W. Thomas, Jr., photographer

“That message is loud and clear within Giving Back. It leaps out at you when you read the individual profiles that are provided by sons, daughters, mentees and admirers.  It is prevalent in the responses to the book’s probing questions. “Giving Back will be a great read for anyone who has an interest in making a difference!”

Richard “Stick” Williams, president, Duke Energy Foundation

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