Heavyweight in Philanthropy Weighs In

Charles and I, along with members of New Generation of African American Philanthropists, have invited a cross-section of thought leaders to preview Giving Back and provide advance commentary on the book.

Giving Back straddles the intersection of arts, cultural heritage and philanthropy, so it has garnered praise from a mix of scholars, authors, photographers, foundation presidents, nonprofit executives, fundraisers, social innovators and clergy from various faith communities. Each commentator has leant a fresh perspective based on his or her field of work and expertise. Their generous praise for the book continues to gratify and encourage us, as shared here, herehere and here.

Here’s the most recent submission, from Steve Gunderson, president and CEO of Council on Foundations, who after this month heads off in pursuit of the next stop on his journey of life.  

“Beautiful. Powerful. Poignant. Giving Back is more than a book: It is a gift to each of us given the opportunity to walk this journey through each page, each voice, each story and each photograph. Philanthropy is practiced in many different ways around the world. Giving Back teaches us that philanthropy is practiced in many different ways right here at home—in our history, our present and our future.”

— Steve Gunderson, former president and CEO, Council on Foundations

Steve Gunderson, Council on Foundations and Emmett Carson, Ph.D., Silicon Valley Community Foundation (Photo credit: Charles W. Thomas, Jr.)

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