Thoughts Before 2012 Sets

Receiving the call about Giving Back winning the 2012 McAdam Book Award for “the best new book for the nonprofit sector” was without question a major high point this year. Honestly, there were so many exhilarating experiences that it’s impossible to rank them.

Charles W. Thomas Jr., photographer

Charles W. Thomas Jr., photographer

Remarkable sums up the past year of rolling out and publicizing Giving Back. We’ve marked 
many milestones since the book’s release 15 months ago.

The greatest honor in 2012, however, was the opportunity to engage with a 
cross-section of audiences—totaling more than 5,000 people across the 
country—and to participate in conversations about building community and 
philanthropy. In person. In print. On air. Online. These exchanges of 
ideas have been enlightening and gratifying.

Over the course of 2012, I gained a deeper comprehension of the biblical parable in Luke that includes the passage: to whom much is given much is expected. While I remain eternally grateful for a year that brought a multitude of blessings, I also have become profoundly aware of the weight of great expectations. Granted, a good many of those expectations were set sky high by my limitless imagination.

My prayer today is to step into 2013 with more faith, patience, humility and strength to receive gifts granted and then in turn to give even more than expected.

With those thoughts, I wish you a bright and wonder-filled New Year!

— VF

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