Your Cue to Queue Up for OnQ BarBQ

{ 2013 Non-Event Fundraiser }

No pesky mosquito bites. 
No tipsy near-fights. 
No skimpy sundresses. 
No flimsy paper-plate messes. 
No rain date. 
No fear of being late.
No hickory smoke-scented hair. 
No salmonella scare. 

As a part of its “I Got 5 On It” fundraising campaign and build up to Season 5, On Q Performing Arts, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit theater company, invites you to a Summer Bar-B-Q that is absolutely NOT occurring on Friday, the 5th of July.

Here’s your invitation to our non-event fundraiser:

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BABIP Hosts ‘Politics, Power and Philanthropy’

Coming up in one week . . .

‘A way of feeling, of touching, of loving…’

Charles W. Thomas Jr, photographer

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything” — Aaron Siskind, photographer

We’ve begun scheduling book events to share Giving Back—our newly published book that reframes portraits of philanthropy. Our next one is a book signing at The Light Factory Contemporary Museum of Photography and Film on Thursday, October 27 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

You’re invited! Here’s your invitation via Paperless Post, along with an R.S.V.P. card.

Let us know if you plan to come by. The Bookmark will be selling books…and we would like to ensure enough books on site for you and others to purchase.

Hope to see you at The Light Factory! — VF

Amplifying Our Stories…New Lines of Sight, New Voices

Here’s yesterday’s interview with Charles, me and host Frank Stasio on WUNC’s public radio program “The State of Things.” Please listen.

Photo credit: Charles W. Thomas, Jr.

The Links: Threading Together Our Communities with Philanthropy

Charles W. Thomas Jr, photographer

Giving Back illuminates traditions of giving within African American communities and highlights numerous historic organizations that exemplify Black philanthropy. One such organization is The Links, Incorporated. Links members Dr. Ruth Greene (The Crown Jewels Chapter) and Carlenia Ivory (The Charlotte Chapter) are featured in the book.

National President of The Links Margot James Copeland recently contributed this commentary on Giving Back and on her organization’s powerful legacy of giving back.

“In 2011, The Links, Incorporated celebrates 65 years of giving back to communities across the nation. Our founders believed that as educated and successful African American women, we should do whatever is necessary to serve those of African descent and assist in closing gaps in education and providing support for the underserved. We do this still today, through philanthropic as well as humanitarian services. As authors Fullwood and Thomas expressed in Giving Back, philanthropy has been the thread that held and continues to hold our communities together. The Links, Incorporated strives to become an even greater force, known everywhere for our philanthropic support. Our hope is by giving back, we will play an intricate role in enabling and influencing a positive future for an infinite number of generations.

— Margot James Copeland
, National President
, The Links, Incorporated
 and The Links Foundation, Incorporated

Phresh. Philosophical. Photogenic. Philanthropic.

Fab Five!

Charles W. Thomas Jr., photographer

“The Philanthropic Five” featured here are friends and donor-members of the giving circle New Generation of African American Philanthropists (one of my fav photos!):

Five among an expansive circle of givers. Grateful for their inspiring stories and portraits in Giving Back.

Braiding hair

In Giving Back, we ask: What’s distinctive about Black philanthropy?

Here’s a response . . .

“How dynamic it is—just like African Americans. Our philanthropy can take on many shapes and forms, from taking care of neighborhood children to preparing meals, from sharing our artistic talents to
braiding hair or donating dollars.” — Meka S. Sales

Charles W. Thomas Jr., photographer

Story in Today’s Philanthropy Journal

My giving circle, New Generation of African American Philanthropists and our book project featured in Philanthropy Journal (7.12.11):

Reframing portraits of philanthropy