Author Q&A on QCityMetro: Spotlight on ‘Giving Back’

An interview about Giving Back posted on today. It’s my interview with Michaela Duckett, who frequently profiles authors on what is one of Charlotte’s most popular blogs. Among other things, Michaela reveals five things about me. Most of them were probably little-known facts and trivia…that is, until today.

AUTHOR’S SPOTLIGHT: Q&A with Valaida Fullwood

by Michaela L. Duckett, 28 September 2011


Braiding hair

In Giving Back, we ask: What’s distinctive about Black philanthropy?

Here’s a response . . .

“How dynamic it is—just like African Americans. Our philanthropy can take on many shapes and forms, from taking care of neighborhood children to preparing meals, from sharing our artistic talents to
braiding hair or donating dollars.” — Meka S. Sales

Charles W. Thomas Jr., photographer