Dr Ben Carson and Giving Back

Elon Homes and Schools for Children chose to give a signed copy of Giving Back as a gift to Dr. Ben Carson, world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, who was featured at the Education Matters fundraising luncheon this week.

Knowing that luminaries with gifts, achievements and biographies that inspire—like Dr. Carson, Marian Wright EdelmanAmiri BarakaHenry Louis Gates, Jr. and others—now have Giving Back is a gift in and of itself.

‘Write On’

Write on.

That was part of the message Amiri Baraka, a famously prolific writer, inscribed to me in a book of his poetry, after I gave him a copy of Giving Back during his visit to Charlotte last fall. I love having a steady flow of writing assignments and feeling compelled to reach for my laptop to capture an idea or an observation.

Lately, I’ve been writing up a storm. In addition to the recent guest blogpost for the Lake Institute, below are links to a few of my pieces from the past six weeks as a contributing blogger for

Lots of fun events and fascinating people (as depicted below) helped make writing these blogposts a delight. — VF

Lou Bellany, Annetta Foard and Quentin Talley, at "Lou, Q and You at e2" in April  |  Gena J Photography

Lou Bellany, Annetta Foard and Quentin Talley, at “Lou, Q and You at e2” in April | Gena J Photography